Quality wine from Bronzolo in South Tyrol

In harmony with nature

In everything we do, we abide by nature. It is nature that offers us the ideal conditions. Therefore we follow nature’s rhythm and do it justice with sustainable cultivation and earnest production methods. Our vineyards offer a home to an impressive variety of different grapes, in a unique ecological niche that we tend and care for to the best of our ability.

Vineyards in the south of South Tyrol
The Winery H. Lentsch in a prime location in South Tyrol

Ideal position, ideal conditions

The H. Lentsch Winery is nestled between mountains and orchards bordered by olive trees and ancient cypresses in the sunny south of South Tyrol.

About half of the 20 hectares of the old estate are vineyards which thrive in optimal conditions thanks to their location on a large alluvial cone. Here, porous porphyry soil, which stores heat during the day and releases it again at night, and natural ice holes, create a unique, natural microclimate. The vineyards are a gift of nature, which we cultivate with great care for the people, animals and plants of today and tomorrow.

The best grape varieties call their home in Bronzolo

The best grape varieties thrive here

Which vines do we grow? In short: the ones that feel most at home here.

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and the classic Lagrein find ideal growing conditions on the warm, sandy and stony soils. In harmony with the natural conditions, the vines have been carefully and laboriously tended and cultivated by hand for generations. There is no room for mass production here, but there will never be a lack of class.

First class wine as a gift from nature
Fine red and white wines from the Winery H. Lentsch

First class wine is a gift of nature

We believe that the sustainable handling of natural conditions and resources is rewarded.

That’s because only an intact environment produces truly outstanding wines – wines that bring pleasure to our customers, convey positive experiences and tell all about the vineyard, Bronzolo and the H. Lentsch Winery.

Third generation passion for wine
Our history

Linked to wine for generations

Initially it was not the wine, but the porphyry rock that brought the Lentsch brothers from their North Tyrolean homeland to Bronzolo in the 19th century. Inspired by none other than Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, who described the fire-red porphyry walls in his "Italian Journey", they made a good name for themselves throughout Europe in just a short time by mining and selling the stone.

Viticulture in Bronzolo for generations

The history of wine production in Bronzolo, on the other hand, goes back much further: Even in Roman times, the geological conditions were used to grow fine wines.

With the purchase of the Schwarzer Adler, an inn with an eventful history – Hartmann Lentsch began to press wine in 1882. He started off with Lagrein, Vernatsch, Merlot, Cabernet and Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) for serving to his own customers. Soon more varieties were added, his passion for the agricultural use of the soil grew and with it new and improved methods for producing fine wines of the best quality.

Winery in the south of South Tyrol with a history

This passion is still perceptible in the third generation – in the attentive handling of nature and its conditions, in the care taken with cultivation and last but not least in the wines from the H. Lentsch Winery itself.

The people

Devoted body and soul to wine

Landlord Peter Lentsch at the winery

Peter Lentsch


Peter shares his passion for wine production with his brother Ulrich, thus continuing the family tradition since his early youth.

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The perfect environment for wine production

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